This week, hear from World Race participant, Jessie Jacoby as she shares about the ministry her team partnered with in Managua, Nicaragua. Jessie and her team served with a nursery home, facilitated Beauty for Ashes events, served at a children's feeding center, and so much more. Check it out!

A few days before heading to Nicaragua, we contacted a woman from Connect Nicaragua and asked if she could help us. Everything fell into place; not only did she connect us to so many ministries that the Lord was placing on our hearts, but we also were able to stay with her for a week and a half!

Every day has been PACKED with ministry, but here's a summary from Managua: 

Tuesday, our first day arriving in Managua, we connected with a church that one of my teammates had previously served with on another mission trip! We left the bus station, dropped our stuff off at our wonderful host’s house, and left to get supplies and head  to the church. I got to lead and emcee my first Beauty for Ashes Event, and we got to see the joy of the Lord radiate from a group of women who were excited to share how they viewed God.

Wednesday, we went to a nursing home. We got to read Bible stories for the men and women there, sing songs, paint their nails, pass out verses for their rooms, and pray over many of them. We all went around in a circle sharing one good thing from the last week, and many of them said having us there was their highlight. They were so wonderful and we said the same thing back to them!

Thursday, we drove to a village to evangelize with a Pastor we had met. We walked up and down roads, across rivers, and went to many houses to share God’s love and invite them to a small service we held outside of a home in the village. It was one of my favorite days this month - a few kids followed us most of the time and if there was any day I could have done twice I would have chosen this one so I could spend more time with them! 

Friday was a packed day. We spent the morning with a youth program called Nima, where kids at risk of living on the streets were able to come together for a feeding program. We did Bible skits for them, did crafts with them, and got to spend time with them while they ate a meal. We did another Beauty for Ashes event in the evening, and this time shared about identity in Christ and how the Lord sees us. It was very special!

Saturday, we went outside the city and took part in another children's feeding program, played games with the kids, and prayed over the ministry and leaders! 

Last, we worked with an organization called Tesoros de Dios (God’s Treasures). This is a special needs ministry that is part school, part equine therapy, and part Bible study ministry for the parents of the kids who partake in the program. It was one of my favorite days of ministry so far - I was able to work with some of the kids while they were horseback riding so that was amazing. 

We have each grown and seen Jesus every day and every moment. Thank you all for praying and following this journey that is a gift from God!

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