This week, Semesters by World Race participant Piper Mahan reflects on her time serving overseas and shares an interesting perspective about mission work in the United States. Check it out!

Being on the mission field in other countries has heightened my passion for the States; something that I completely lacked before the World Race. Since I was in the 6th grade, I was convinced that I would be an overseas missionary. As I committed to the World Race, I saw it as the first of many long-term overseas mission trips; but, the more I’ve been away from the US, the more I see how broken it is and how much we desperately need revival. Now, this 100% isn’t a blog concerning the political state of our country or anything of that nature, but one that the Lord has put on my heart in hopes to ignite a fire inside of you.

One of the biggest things that I’ve been learning through my time on the field is the fact that you really truly don’t have to be living out of a backpack in a different country to be on mission. The Lord doesn’t love the person I am in Panama more than He loves the person I am at home and I honestly don’t think He pays much attention to the details of abandonment that we tend to put so much emphasis on. I guess the point that I’m trying to get across is that if you are looking at me with the belief that you have to be sleeping in a hammock constantly sweating and covered in bug bites in order to bring Kingdom, you are wrong, and I mean that in the most loving way.

If anything, sharing the Gospel and loving people the way Jesus does here in Panama makes me feel convicted for not doing the exact same thing in the States. Because the Gospel doesn’t change and the way we are called to love people doesn’t change based on our physical location or living conditions. We are so good at looking outwards at places like the 10/40 Window and seeing the need that they have for Jesus and neglecting the need that our own home has. With that being said, if you are called outside of the US, GO! And if not, pray for those places! But in that, don’t think that the love of Christ being shared in your hometown is less important than it being shared across the globe. If you are currently living Stateside, you have an incredible opportunity and the FREEDOM to share Jesus without a lot of the barriers that overseas missionaries face.

I will be back in the states in 28 days and I plan on allowing the Lord to use me just as much, if not more, at home as He has overseas these past 6 months. The World Race was my wake up call to stop sitting around waiting for my home to start loving people better and to start bringing the change that Jesus commands us to bring. And maybe this can be your call to action. Your reminder that you can be just as much of a missionary in Dallas, Texas as you can be in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Because how are we supposed to go out and show love to other nations when we can’t even follow the command to love our neighbors?

After participating in Semesters by World Race, Piper is equipped and ready to continue sharing the love of God to those in her local community. Are you wanting to step out in faith and serve others?

Semesters by World Race Fall 2021 applications close June 28th. Check out the routes here!