Many of us have heard the stories of the Old Testament prophets. If you were raised around church culture, then you’ve probably grown up with Bible study groups and Vacation Bible School projects explaining the miracles of Elijah or the teachings of Isaiah. You may have even read about the New Testament church leaders prophesying and teaching the gifts of the Spirit. However, many Christians today still struggle with what it means for us to be “prophetic”.

This is a subject close to the heart of missionary and World Race alum, Tyler Inman. He feels that prophecy has developed a strange and taboo connotation in today’s Christian culture, but it’s really not that weird. “Many people hear the word prophecy and think it’s seeing the future, but it could literally just be hearing the Lord say that He sees you in this season and knows what you’re going through,” Tyler said. He feels prophecy is more about hearing God’s voice—a skill every Christian can access.

After returning from his 11-month mission trip with the World Race, Tyler felt the Lord calling Him to something others might have seen as strange. “The Holy Spirit just kind of dropped it on me to start prophetic Zoom rooms,” he said. Tyler and a few of his World Race teammates began inviting those who wanted prayer to experience these prayer sessions online.

“We introduce ourselves, pray for them, and then open it up to see what the Lord is saying,” Tyler explained. “We’ve also been trying to activate them in hearing from the Lord.” Tyler feels if people are given the chance to hear from God themselves, they can walk away empowered to talk to God on their own.

Tyler is now in the second week of hosting these online prayer rooms and is astonished at how quickly they have grown. What started off as him and a few teammates, has blossomed into a movement of discipling others to hear the voice of God. Many others have stepped up to begin hosting their own prayer rooms to help others experience Tyler’s original vision.

It’s easy to think of God as a mysterious, distant, figure. However, we believe that God desires to have a personal relationship with all of us. All we have to do is take a break from our chaotic lives and listen for what He’s trying to tell us.

You can sign up to be a part of an online prophetic room here.

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