World Race Gap Year College Credit Program

AGE RANGE: 18 — 20




You can earn college credit while serving abroad with World Race: Gap Year.

Your weekly blogging requirement on World Race: Gap Year will now qualify as college course credit through Truett McConnell University. We are excited to offer nine college credits, through three online courses, that reflect existing Gap Year teachings and core values. This is a new opportunity being offered exclusively to Gap Year Racers.

Courses & Syllabi

Spiritual Formation

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Principles of Leadership

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Practicum in International Evangelism

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  • 3 credit hours per course
  • $250 per course (originally $1,275)
  • Credits are highly transferable to other institutions


In order to participate, you must have ...


High school degree


Minimum 2.0 GPA


SAT score of 800 or ACT score of 15

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*With your application, please send in high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores. If you have already begun college and have taken 30 or more hours, please only send college transcripts. Once you apply, you will be paired with a counselor who’ll make sure you complete all the required application steps.


How easily transferable are these credits?

While every institution of higher learning reserves the right to accept transfer credit as it deems fit, TMU, as a regionally accredited institution, has always enjoyed high transferability. However, while a course may be transferable, it may not necessarily be part of your preferred degree requirements. If a degree has general electives, then most likely these courses can transfer to fill those hours. We highly recommend you look up the degree requirements for your desired degree to ensure the credits will be applicable.

How much work is required?

Each week, Racers will write one blog in response to the lesson emailed out from the course administrator, some of which will require additional reading and discussions with leadership, teams and locals. Blog writing time is built into the weekly schedule as weekly blogging is already an expectation for all Racers regardless of enrollment in these courses.

How will my Gap Year experience change if I sign up to receive college credits?

It will not change very much at all. Everyone going on World Race: Gap Year, regardless of whether or not they sign up for a course, will be required to write blogs, attend team meetings, and participate in ministry and other activities. The courses will, however, require Racers to write additional blogs on specific topics. Racers will have to submit blogs to their professors through a TMU provided email address. Before applying, we encourage all Racers to review the course syllabus.

What is Truett McConnell University?

TMU is a fully accredited university located near Adventures in Missions. To learn more visit

Will this affect my status as a Freshman or eligibility to receive scholarships?

Every school has its own policies on what determines a freshman’s status and how that impacts their ability to attend events like orientation or receive scholarships. Please check with the university you hope to attend to confirm this policy.

**These credits will most likely count as hours toward state scholarships like the Georgia Hope Scholarship. Please confirm this with your University.

Why is the cost so much lower than typical college classes?

Typically, a TMU course costs $1,275. TMU is extending scholarships to all Gap Year participants making classes $250 per course.

Is financial aid available for the course?

As non-degree seeking students, federal and state financial aid is not available. TMU institutional financial aid is however already reflected in the reduced price of the course. If you are currently enrolled in or plan to attend college in Georgia, please note course credits will be included in the 127 lifetime attempted HOPE Scholarship hours.

If I want to take one course, do I have to take them all?

You are welcome to take one, two or all three courses in any combination.

Is this program now required for all Gap Year Racers?

No, you do not have to apply or take any of the courses if you do not want to.

If I am a high school graduate and unsure what further education looks like, how do I decide if this is good for me?

We encourage all Racers to pray about this and discuss it with their parents.

Can I decide mid-race if I want to sign up for a future class or drop?

A student can drop a course within the first week of the course's launch date and will not receive a failing grade in the class. If a student drops a course beyond the one week grace period at the beginning of the course, it will count as a fail on their transcript. To receive a full refund, students must decide to drop the class prior to the first week of the course. A student may also decide to sign up for an additional course while on the Race, but they must do so one month before the class begins. Students, however, must have applied and been accepted before they enroll in the class.

How long will classes be?

Classes are eight weeks long; you will take one at a time.

What will I need to complete these courses?

You will need a Bible, an email provided by TMU and access to the internet. Access to the internet will not be your responsibility and when it is not possible to access, you will not be held accountable. There will be a proctor communicating on your behalf with the professors.

If I'm planning on attending college after Gap Year, are there questions I should ask the college?

Yes, the final decision about the transferability of credits will be made by the college you attend and will typically depend on your major and the flexibility to have elective credits in your program. You can ask them about their process for evaluating credits and how you would apply for the credits to transfer. In addition, they may be willing to give you some indication of how these courses would fit into your overall course requirements. In addition, if you have been accepted and are deferring admission for a year, you should ask them whether they have a policy related to taking college courses at other universities in the interim.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email or call 706-865-2134 x 4300.

Interview with Seth Barnes & Dr. Emir Caner

Seth Barnes, Founder of Adventures in Missions and Dr. Emir Caner, President of Truett-McConnell University discuss the World Race: Gap Year College Credit Program and its benefits to Racers.

This video was originally filmed live via Facebook Live for 2018 Racers' parents.

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