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Team Redemption

Texting is Killing Us Slowly

by Chase Glantz on 2/19/2014

How Coffee Reminds Me to Love my Neighbor

by Chase Glantz on 1/22/2014

Where have I been?

by Misty Curry on 1/13/2014
Team redemption

Secrets from a Denny's Manager in Tarshish

by Chase Glantz on 12/10/2013

Ministry is for Sissies: An Open Dialogue

by Chase Glantz on 12/1/2013

Family, Homies, and Why I Can Never Leave Home

by Chase Glantz on 11/13/2013

I Don't Want to Date You

by Chase Glantz on 10/22/2013

Only Mad Men Change the World

by Chase Glantz on 10/14/2013

Just let it go already!

by Naomi Allen on 8/18/2013

I'm NOT a walking ATM!

by Chase Glantz on 8/14/2013

My Life is a Wreck

by Chase Glantz on 7/26/2013

The "F" Word

by Chase Glantz on 7/17/2013

How I Survive America

by Chase Glantz on 7/9/2013

Celebrating Freedom

by Naomi Allen on 7/4/2013

Facing the Tidal Wave

by Misty Curry on 6/18/2013
Team redemption

Why Walmart Reminds Me I'm Not Okay

by Chase Glantz on 6/12/2013

The World Race Ruined My Life!

by Chase Glantz on 5/15/2013

I am a warrior.

by Naomi Allen on 5/9/2013

Hitchhiking, Mass Murderers, and Heaven

by Chase Glantz on 5/1/2013


by Chase Glantz on 4/26/2013

In This Season.

by Emily Hix on 4/14/2013
Team redemption

spring is coming

by Naomi Allen on 4/4/2013

Old Journals, Dry Bones, and Dreams

by Chase Glantz on 3/27/2013

Invitation Of A Lifetime!

by Nathan Hatton on 3/24/2013
Team redemption


by Emily Hix on 3/22/2013
Team redemption

My Psalm

by Misty Curry on 3/21/2013
Team redemption

New Adventure

by Misty Curry on 3/20/2013
Team redemption

Disappointed in God

by Naomi Allen on 3/13/2013

"The Call" Usually Wrecks You

by Chase Glantz on 3/8/2013

it's about to get real spiritual

by Naomi Allen on 3/5/2013

do you desire marriage?

by Naomi Allen on 3/4/2013

Intimate Intimacy

by Nathan Hatton on 2/28/2013
Team redemption

Stop asking for clarity and just GO

by Naomi Allen on 2/27/2013

Jesus and the Road

by Chase Glantz on 2/25/2013

Spinnin' Around!!!

by Emily Hix on 2/25/2013
Team redemption

When You Think God isn't Watching

by Chase Glantz on 2/20/2013

I don't want to get married.

by Naomi Allen on 2/16/2013

Good Grief

by Chase Glantz on 2/13/2013

Stranger than Fiction

by Chase Glantz on 2/1/2013

Broke, Trust, and Other Sticky God Issues

by Chase Glantz on 1/26/2013

What's Next?!?!

by Emily Hix on 1/18/2013
Team redemption

What's Next

by Nathan Hatton on 1/18/2013
Team redemption

Wrestling with Road Anxiety

by Chase Glantz on 1/13/2013

Looking. Back.

by Emily Hix on 1/9/2013
Team redemption

I fell in love on the World Race!

by Naomi Allen on 12/14/2012

I'm home!!

by Naomi Allen on 12/4/2012

Home For Christmas?

by Nathan Hatton on 11/24/2012
Team redemption

"You Don't Look Like a Missionary..."

by Chase Glantz on 11/24/2012

Brutal Honesty (R)

by Nathan Hatton on 11/23/2012
Team redemption

Happy Thanksgiving from Malaysia! (Video)

by Naomi Allen on 11/22/2012

God... HELP!

by Chase Glantz on 11/18/2012

I'm still alive!

by Naomi Allen on 11/17/2012

Random Thoughts 17 Days Before Reentry

by Chase Glantz on 11/16/2012

I'll be home in 3 weeks!! Then what..?!

by Naomi Allen on 11/12/2012

Beauty In Diversity // 11+

by Nathan Hatton on 11/12/2012
Team redemption

Pressing into the Holy Spirit

by Chase Glantz on 11/10/2012

Heart Check in Cambodia

by Nathan Hatton on 11/7/2012
Team redemption

I Need Your Help!

by Nathan Hatton on 11/7/2012
Team redemption

What Next?

by Chase Glantz on 11/7/2012

Words cannot describe Cambodia...

by Naomi Allen on 11/4/2012

When being a Christian becomes illegal...

by Naomi Allen on 11/2/2012

Things That I Never Thought I'd Eat....

by Chase Glantz on 11/1/2012


by Naomi Allen on 10/29/2012

The Aftermath of El Salvador

by Nathan Hatton on 10/24/2012
Team redemption

Apathy and Other Things I Don't Care For

by Chase Glantz on 10/22/2012

Recapping Guatemala

by Nathan Hatton on 10/8/2012
Team redemption

Praise Report Time! Thai Style

by Nathan Hatton on 10/8/2012
Team redemption

Quick Update/ Support

by Emily Hix on 9/26/2012
Team redemption

$15,500 Easy Money!

by Nathan Hatton on 9/21/2012
Team redemption

Food, Processing, and Other World Race Staples

by Chase Glantz on 9/20/2012


by Nathan Hatton on 9/19/2012
Team redemption

Dear Supporters....

by Emily Hix on 9/18/2012
Team redemption

Uncomfortably Numb

by Chase Glantz on 9/16/2012

9 months later...

by Naomi Allen on 9/12/2012

Seeing What God Sees

by Chase Glantz on 9/12/2012

How the Dead is Raised

by Chase Glantz on 9/5/2012

Being a Man in South Sudan

by Chase Glantz on 8/25/2012

I saw myself in those juvenile delinquents

by Naomi Allen on 8/13/2012

Dear Future Racer

by Misty Curry on 8/12/2012
Team redemption