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Emergency Contact


If you have an emergency related to a participant on the field, please call 877-356-9266 to reach our Field Support team.

How do we know if a country is safe?

The Logistics department receives daily notification from a private security agency with international travel advisories along with regular advisories from the US State department. The Logistics department communicates with local contacts in-country to evaluate warnings as they relate to the specific cities our teams may plan to visit. Logistics also monitors multiple international newspapers on a regular basis. Using all of these resources Logistics and the Leadership of The World Race evaluate the risk of each location.

How do we train participants to be safe?

Each participant is given a Safety Procedures document outlining specific behaviors to keep them safe. These behaviors include things such as travelling in groups, never alone, and having a male in the group whenever possible. We ask each participant to abide by these guidelines as well as any guidelines given by the local host contact.

Ultimately, participants are adults and must make their own choices. Sometimes participants choose to behave in an unsafe manner. Other times, despite our best efforts, unsafe situations arise. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a participant’s safety while on the field.

What do we do if a country becomes unstable?

The Logistics and Field Support departments have specific protocol to move teams to a safe location or evacuate a country.

What do we do if a participant gets sick?

Sickness is not uncommon as a part of the World Race. When a participant begins to experience symptoms, we advise them to seek medical attention within 48 hours. If a participant requires hospitalization, the Field Support team works with the on-field leadership to get the participant to proper medical care.

If a participant requires hospitalization while overseas, the Field Support team will contact the persons listed as Emergency Contacts on the participant’s application.

What do we do if there is an emergency at home?

The number at the top of this page is a dedicated line directly to the Field Support team and is answered 24 hours a day. Family members are welcome to call that number in the event of an emergency and the Field Support team will get in touch with the participant within 24 hours.

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