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Finally together and there’s nothing but smiles and a lot of tears. We woke up with anticipation knowing that today was finally the day. We took a tuk tuk to the airport where all 60 parents received a handwritten letter from their Racer. We then got on a charter bus and made the journey to the Overflow Guest House where we will be based out of this week.

As we read our letters we were a hot-mess! In our daughter’s Moriah’s letter, she told us who we are in Christ. To hear that from your own baby after being separated for 7 months was crazy emotional. When we finally got out of the bus and saw her standing there in the red dirt and sweating we could barely breath. She ran to us and we couldn’t speak. Only Laughter. Tears. For a long time!!

We then ate lunch and spent the day with her team. We chose to stay back and swim in the pool for free time and just splashed, held each other, talked and cried more. We then ate dinner, went to orientation and heard more stories of the crazy adventures she has experienced through the World Race this year. There was sooo much to say.

Then, my sweet baby girl lead worship for all of us (40 Racers and 60 parents). To hear her sweet voice, that has filled our house with the sound of heaven since she was a little girl, lead us into the presence of God, was surreal. We sang from the top of our lungs on that open aired roof top and filled the city with unfettered praise and worship.

We wept as we watched our kids run to Jesus and take us there with them. After a time of singing they asked every child to pray over all the parents! What!?! Huhhuh. We pray over them...not the other way around! I couldn’t. Her words were so tender and tears dropped off her nose as we sat in a circle just the three of us. She prayed with such passion and great authority over her mama and her daddy. It was truly one of the best memories of my life. More tears. More hugs.

Then. We got in a water fight! And I dropped in my bed with a full heart overwhelmed by the love of God and grateful to have made the journey across the world to love and be loved by my precious Moriah
Blake Berstrom, World Race Parent
The WR changed my daughter's life. After 3 1/2 years of working as a process engineer, she is now a missionary with Hope Church in Romania. And our PVT was at Hope Church! God definitely knew that we needed that connection to be at peace with her decision. Linda D., World Race Parent
I want to reassure you that if you weren’t able to be at launch, Adventures has this so well thought out and planned. They have prayed over these kids, vetted the places they will be serving and have been profoundly intentional about how the racers will grow in their faith and as adults through this adventure! Suzie M., World Race Parent
The World Race had a huge part in strengthening my faith and it brought a special closeness between my daughter and I that I am grateful for. I have a new understanding of human trafficking and I continue to follow two of the ministries on Facebook. It has been amazing to see how God continues to use Sarah in her work, her church and her community. Diane W., World Race Parent
As a parent of a racer, how would I rate the World Race experience? Also a life changer. It was the best thing my daughter could have done for her life and walk with God, but it caused growth and change in life of all who love and supported her as well! Barbara M., World Race Parent
Jay and I are very supportive of World Race. Our son, Jeremy, has been given opportunities to lead and serve around the world while being loved and encouraged by great coaches and mentors. He's been able to dream and seek after the desires of his heart.

We are so thankful he chose World Race! And we are grateful for the Parent Vision Trip so we could be a part of his life and get a glimpse of the race before we got to be a bigger part of it here in Indonesia. Thanks to all of you who serve so well!
Karen D., World Race Parent
What a blessing to know how much our kids are loved and being prayed for. Kathy S., World Race Parent
We were very impressed with the level of planning and risk management that goes into the WR. It was an outstanding experience for both our racer and us too. The whole process is very intentional. Our racer went on to be a squad leader. The level of support that she received from AIM staff is outstanding. Kathleen W., World Race Parent
We didn't take Kelli seriously when she asked for our blessing to go on the World Race. $17,000, no way!! She won't go!! Wow! Did we make God small in that season of our very own Kingdom Journey we were about to venture into!! I panicked when she left. I cried for my loss of my daughter, scared of what she may experience, physically, mentally & spiritually.

But, God is BIGGER than every one of my fears. She hit every financial goal.

We never knew when we would hear from her those first few months, so conversations were full of Joy, Tears, Love and the Sharing of God and what He was doing in each of our lives. Kelli grew....we grew...her brothers grew...grandparents grew, aunts and uncles grew, friends grew and even people she doesn't even know who were following Kelli's Kingdom Journey grew!

God is BIG!

Seeing everything God was doing in Kelli's life when we finally were able to embrace her during the Parent Vision Trip for the first time in seven months was AhMazing! Witnessing her praying over people, full of confidence and without fear of judgement grew my heart tenfold.

We didn't realize when Kelli asked us for our blessing to go on the World Race, we were going on a Kingdom Journey too!! Whether we are in Africa, Asia, South America or right here in America, God is BIG and He brought each of us to our Kingdom Journey through one young woman who said, "Yes, Lord...I will follow.
Kathy R., World Race Parent
It was incredibly helpful to get a glimpse of the heart Adventures has for these racers [at World Race Launch], and the support people who will love them and cover them with prayer as they make this journey. Beth K., World Race Parent
Adventures in missions has been such a huge blessing to me, seeing the growth in my son as a racer and also seeing the purity of the Gospel expressed in love. Adventures is awesome because it's all about Jesus. Rob L., WR Parent and Volunteer

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