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The Power of Evangelism in South Africa

This week, hear from Semesters by World Race participant Hanna Smith about her time serving with Impact Africa in South Africa. Hanna and her team were able to join in home visits, serving with locals, and sharing the Good News of the gospel. Check it out! 

What Ministry Looks Like in Managua, Nicaragua

This week, hear from World Race participant, Jessie Jacoby as she shares about the ministry her team partnered with in Managua, Nicaragua. Jessie and her team served with a nursery home, facilitated Beauty for Ashes events, served at a children's feeding center, and so much more. Check it out!

World Race Alumni Continue to Spread Hope After Their Mission Trip

With the growing spread of the coronavirus around the world, many countries began to close their international borders in mid-March. In response to safety and travel restrictions, we unexpectedly had to bring over 500 World Race and Semesters missionaries back to the United States within just a few days. The World Race mission trip is a great way to be part of a spreading hope and the Gospel, b...

Acting on Faith: Your Young Will See Visions, Your Old Will Dream Dreams

The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Over the last few months, our team at Adventures has spent time praying, fasting, and seeking God’s direction for where He is moving right now. Many visions and dreams have been shared with us and I want to share them with you now, in this time of uncertainty. In recent weeks, several members of our larger body have also had quite similar visions, long be...