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Serving on Gap Year: Rebuilding Homes & Restoring Hope

This week, hear from World Race: Gap Year participant, Ellie Zeller, as she shares about her time serving with Samaritan's Purse in Houma, Louisiana. 

In the two weeks that the World Race: Gap Year squads were in Louisiana, they were able to complete disaster relief projects for 80+ homes and were able to witness 20+ homeowners give their lives to Christ!

Check out this story from Ellie, with photos from Grace Harang, of an encounter with a woman who needed physical help and spiritual care: 

We Prayed for a Week Straight and Here's What Happened

This week, Alayna Wood shares about her squad's week of 24/7 prayer and worship in the desert of Kyrgyzstan, accompanied by Jacken Holland's photos. The squad sought to bring honor and glory to God through Scripture, stillness, worship, and whatever else the Lord asked of them, and the fruit of their obedience and faithfulness is incredible. Check it out! 

A Day in the Life of the World Race: Gap Year (on campus!)

This week, hear from World Race: Gap Year participant Grace Harang on what life has looked like on our Gainesville, Georgia campus!

Our World Race: Gap Year participants have been on campus training and growing closer to God and their community. Next week, they will head to Louisiana to partner with Samaritan's Purse in disaster relief efforts, then will launch overseas to serve with strategic ministry partners! Follow along the journey! 

The Power of Jesus Casts out Demons

This week, Libbie and her team prayed over a home experiencing demonic activity and saw the power of God move in miraculous ways. With their local ministry partner, they were able to see freedom and healing take place in a local family. Check it out! 

Ministry in an Albanian Prison

This week, hear from World Race participant Victoria Bacon on her experience ministering in a prison in Albania. Victoria and her team joined the prison staff to the inmate wing to share the love of God, and she left with a deeper understanding of the Father's love for His children. Check it out!

Building the Church in Romania

This week, hear from World Race participants Micah Torgerson and Courtney Rodgers, with photos from Kailee Knudsen, about serving with Hope Church Romania. They went to the streets to share the love of Jesus with locals, and at the end of the month, invited everyone together to get connected to the local church. Check it out!

How to Share the Gospel in Romania

This week, hear from Victoria Bacon and Kelsey Corns about their time in Romania serving with Hope Church Craiova. These two give us a glimpse into ministry, sharing the Gospel, and the fruit that they are seeing. Check it out!

How God is Moving in Asheville, NC

This week, hear from Brian Hutton about what our Semesters by World Race squad is up to in Asheville, North Carolina! Brian and his squad are experiencing Christ-centered community and hands-on ministry while witnessing signs and wonders in the mighty Name of Jesus. Check it out!

Has Gen Z Forgotten God?

This week, hear from Ben Hershey about what our Short-Term Domestic Mission Trips have been up to this summer! He shares about the rising generation of believers who have their hearts set on bringing the Kingdom of Heaven near. Check out his story and watch the video recap below!

Photos from A Week in the Life in Panama

This week, hear from Semesters by World Race participant, Devin Helm, as she gives us a glimpse into a week in the life serving and ministering in Panama! Devin and her team have been able to partner with a variety of different ministries - teaching English, serving with a nutrition and food ministry, prayer and intercession, and many more. Check it out!

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