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Releasing your kids to go on a journey around the world is a scary thing. It takes surrender and a whole lot of prayer!

This journey will impact you as much as it does your Racer if you let it. Watch this testimony of parents who joined their Racers on the field for a special Parent Vision Trip!

Since the start of the Parent Vision Trip program in 2013 through the end of 2019, we have sent 3,448 parents to field to join their Racers in ministry.

What People Are Saying:

Rose Shepherd Image

Best Selling Author / Speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd,

My daughter has LOVED every second of this Race. Yes it’s been hard, they have seen some heart breaking things. She has learned to let the Holy Spirit comfort her and this experience has changed her heart for humanity and given her even more compassion and a courageous faith that trumps fear! There will never be words that can THANK YOU enough! IT WAS WORTH EVERY DOLLAR INVESTED. I feel like the WORLD RACE instilled everything IN my daughter that God wanted her to have to be EQUIPPED and EFFECTIVE for the kingdom work on earth forever. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everybody on your team for investing in these amazing kids.

Lori Image


My son, Drew, went on the World Race Gap Year in 2014. It was an amazing, life-changing experience for him. God taught him so much and I saw him grow in so many ways during his time overseas. It was not always easy, but it was so very good for him. God taught me much during those 9 months as well, especially about prayer and surrender. I learned that God’s plans for Drew are WAY better than any plans that I may have dreamed up or hoped for all his life. I appreciate Adventures in Missions and what they are doing to expose young people to missions as a lifestyle. So thankful for Drew’s connection with Adventures and WR Gap and for what God has taught both of us through it all.

Blake Bergstrom Image

Blake Bergstrom

Finally together and there’s nothing but smiles and a lot of tears. We woke up with anticipation knowing that today was finally the day. We took a tuk tuk to the airport where all 60 parents received a handwritten letter from their Racer. We then got on a charter bus and made the journey to the Overflow Guest House where we will be based out of this week.

As we read our letters we were a hot-mess! In our daughter’s Moriah’s letter, she told us who we are in Christ. To hear that from your own baby after being separated for 7 months was crazy emotional. When we finally got out of the bus and saw her standing there in the red dirt and sweating we could barely breath. She ran to us and we couldn’t speak. Only Laughter. Tears. For a long time!!

We then ate lunch and spent the day with her team. We chose to stay back and swim in the pool for free time and just splashed, held each other, talked and cried more. We then ate dinner, went to orientation and heard more stories of the crazy adventures she has experienced through the World Race this year. There was sooo much to say.

Then, my sweet baby girl lead worship for all of us (40 Racers and 60 parents). To hear her sweet voice, that has filled our house with the sound of heaven since she was a little girl, lead us into the presence of God, was surreal. We sang from the top of our lungs on that open aired roof top and filled the city with unfettered praise and worship.

We wept as we watched our kids run to Jesus and take us there with them. After a time of singing they asked every child to pray over all the parents! What!?! Huhhuh. We pray over them…not the other way around! I couldn’t. Her words were so tender and tears dropped off her nose as we sat in a circle just the three of us. She prayed with such passion and great authority over her mama and her daddy. It was truly one of the best memories of my life. More tears. More hugs.

Then. We got in a water fight! And I dropped in my bed with a full heart overwhelmed by the love of God and grateful to have made the journey across the world to love and be loved by

Greg Cook Image

Greg Cook

We are now seven months into Amy’s eleven-month, eleven-country mission trip with The World Race. Before this trip started, I had a lot of concerns for her safety and health. In fact, when she first mentioned this, I started contacting medical evacuation establishments and security personnel and found a company that offered Ex-Navy Seals for evacuation in emergencies. I started heading in the direction of securing this plan to make sure she was well taken care of.

Later in the process, I found out what an incredible job Adventures in Missions does in risk assessment and management and realized they do a top notch job in managing safety for young adults going on The World Race. Their care of the racers has eliminated my concerns for Amy’s health and safety, and I am very appreciative of this.

Kathleen Witte Image

Kathleen Witte

We were very impressed with the level of planning and risk management that goes into the WR. It was an outstanding experience for both our racer and us too. The whole process is very intentional. Our racer went on to be a squad leader. The level of support that she received from AIM staff is outstanding.

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I was very impressed with the leaders who spoke to the parents today. Their doctrine and their strategy are both solid. It gives us peace to know our daughter is in good hands. Adventures does things well.

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Scott Uhlinger

On an Adventures in Missions trip to Mexico in 1991, at Methodist Camp Thicket, I made a handed-down faith my own. A month ago, our 20-year-old daughter did the same in Costa Rica on a Semesters trip with Adventures! Encountering God’s Holy Spirit in the field with this organization changes everything!

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